Minutes and Reports


Meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm. At the Virginia Beach campground. 
Last SECC business meeting was in Orange Beach, Al.

Minutes from the last meeting and the treasurers report were read and approved.

Bank Balance as of 8/31/2017 was $15, 884.46. 
There are some outstanding bills for the VA Beach rally that will be paid.


We need the following new officers, effective in December

President, Vice Pres. and Treasurer.

We also are in need of a Rally Coordinator since Charles McGairty has retired from motor coaching.
Also, we are in need of a web master for our club since George has also stopped motor coaching.
We need members to volunteer to host rally's for the next year. Rallies do not always need to be elaborate, but can be get togethers.  Rallies need to work around CCI rallies which are Tampa, Jan 17-21 and New Orleans Mar 20-25.  It was suggested that good times would be late May or early October.  None of the members indicated that would be willing to host a rally.

We will need to have a vote via the internet in November for new officers.  Please consider running.
Buddy informed us that if we do not have elected officers in place FMCA will tell us to give our remaining balance of funds to our favorite charity and we will no longer have a club!

Marta Loftfield indicated that she would be willing to run as our new President.

We will need a  nominating committee. 

The following towns were mentioned as a places to have the next rallies.
            Nashville, TN
            Birmingham, Al
            Solomons Island, MD
            Amelia Island, GA

The meeting was adjourned at  5:25 p.m.


Carol Venner,  acting secretary


Southeast Country Coachers
Treasurers Report 2016
Operations   03/9/2016  to  9/25/2016


        Dues                                                                                           140.00
        Rally Fees                                                                              
           Galax                                                                                  1,490.00
TOTAL INCOME___________________________________1,630.00


     Rally Expense
         Orange Beach                                                                  3,651.62                                                                                                                                                       Galax                                                                                1,964.54
Total Rally                                                                                          5,616.16

     SECC Expenses
          Website Hosting                                                                    30.34                            Paypal Fees                                                                          51.33             
       Total SECC Expense                                                              81.67

TOTAL EXPENSES___________________________________5,697.83

OVERALL total                                                                               -4,067.83

Cash Position  3/9/2016                                                          13,927.32

Bank Balance   03/09/2016                                                       13,927.32                                                                                 
     Plus Inflows                                                                            1,630.00                                                                     
     Less Outflows                                                                         5,697.83                     
Bank Balance  09/25/2016                                                            9,859.49


FMCA governing Board Meeting
 Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Madison, WI
Mary Lou Cassingham, National Director

There were 1500 Family Member and Display coaches at Madison, WI, for the 92nd Annual FMCA Convention, July 26-August 1, 2015.

As of May 31, 2015 , the active count was 72,754 member families. Membership decline continues to be a problem with a net loss of  3,837 families since June 2014. It remains the single most important area of focus for the association.

FMC Assist -Medical Evacuation Program/repatriation and travel assistance:

This program was reinstated as an association-paid benefit last October 1st and is included in your yearly dues. In the nine months since the reinstatement 43 member families have been helped with the lowest claim at $168 to the highest claim of $21,000. Most important issue to understand is that after calling 911 and obtaining medical help, the member must call FMCAssist at 1.877.202.4176 and the program will take care of everything necessary. It is administered by Seven Corners Insurance Company. Detailed information can be found at FMCA.SEVENCORNERS.com.

Staples FMCA Member Program:

Staples and FMCA have partnered to offer exclusive discounts, lower pricing on every item, every day. Also, lower minimums for free shipping. Beginning August 1, 2015 go to FMCA.com and follow the links to register for an online account.

The 2016 Family Reunion will be held in Perry, GA, in March. The  2017 Convention will be held in August in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Minutes - Southeastern Country Coachers  -  March 12, 2015

New Orleans Rally


The business meeting was called to order by President Janet Sanders following breakfast at Pontchartrain Landing RV Park.  Janet reminded members that they were asked to read the minutes from the Norfolk meeting on the website.  Gerry Conway moved that the minutes be accepted as posted on the website, and Marta Loftfield seconded the motion.  Janet then amended the motion to add a list of attendees from the Norfolk rally to the minutes to preserve the history.

Vice President Marta Loftfield introduced guests and new members attending the rally.  Candy Clark and Gerry Howell are new SECC members from Jacksonville, FL, and Kathy and Bill Suarez who live near Ithaca, NY, are guests from Country Coach Nor’Easters.  They are accompanied by their Great Dane Bella and cat Shiloh.  Bev and Craig Bowen from Villa Rica are also guests.

Gordon Venner, Treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report for the period September 9, 2014, through March 6, 2015, showing income of $7925 (from dues and rally fees), expenses (mostly for rallies) of $8958.39, and a balance of $13,702.18.  Gordon pointed out that there will be additional expenses from the New Orleans rally.  George Harper, webmaster, clarified that domain expense of $30.34 is for ongoing registration of our domain name www.southeastcountrycoachers.com, and that we are no longer paying for website maintenance as we are using the free Google Blogger app.  George Sanders moved that the club accept the treasurer’s report, and Charles McGairty seconded the motion. 

Gordon pointed out that 10 to 15 members have not paid their dues and that the current paid membership is around 35.  This issue led to a discussion of using Pay Pal to pay dues and rally fees to make it easier for members to pay immediately as that is what many people are used to doing.  Charles McGairty moved that the club explore using Pay Pal (seconded by Hank Giffin) and then added that after exploration, the Board have the authority to make the decision without a club vote (seconded by Jack Conway).  Both measures carried.  Janet stated that she would email members who have not yet paid current dues.


Mary Lou Cassingham, FMCA National Director, announced two FMCA rallies:  FMCA's 91st Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Pomona, CA, March 26 to 29, 2015, and FMCA's 92nd Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Madison, WI, July 29 to August 1, 2015.  She also mentioned the free FMCAssist Travel Assistance and Medical Evacuation provided to FMCA members to get the sick person, family, coach, and pets back home.  More information is available on the FMCA website.


Tammy Toalson, CCI Rally Coordinator, announced two upcoming CCI rallies. 

       1.      Country Coach Heartlanders will host the CCI Summer Rally, A Step Back in Time, held       at  Shipshewana Campground, Shipshewana, IN, July 20 – 25 (a pre-rally to the FMCA Rally in Madison, WI, July 29-Aug 1, 2015).  Shipshewana is Amish Country, and there will be Amish day with buggy rides, a visit to an Amish home, and dinner. 

2.      Country Coach Nor’Easters will host the CCI Fall Rally, Waterfalls, Wineries and Gorges, held at the KOA Campground in Watkins Glen, NY, September 21 -25, 2015. 

 Nor’Easter member Bill Suarez reported on the rally in Watkins Glen, NY, which is in the Finger Lakes region.  Bill pointed out that the Finger Lakes area is wine country, especially white wines.  The rally will include a bus trip to five of the wineries including a buffet lunch at one of them.  Other attractions in the area include the Corning Glass Museum, Letchworth State Park Gorge (“Grand Canyon of the East”), Glen Curtis Transportation Museum, 42 waterfalls, Watkins Glen Gorge, and Watkins Glen Race Track.  The Nor’Easters cordially invite SECC to attend the rally.  Registration is limited to 60 coaches and will begin in May.  Bill stated that peak leaf season is a little later than the rally so encouraged attendees to extend their stay to see more of the area.

Since no other SECC rallies are currently scheduled, President Sanders looked into holding a rally in Pine Mountain, GA, at Pine Mountain – an RV Outdoor Destination (RV park), near Callaway Gardens and Warm Springs, location of FDR’s Little Whitehouse, in early May – possibly May 4 – 8.  Gerry Conway volunteered to co-host the rally.

 Charles McGairty, Rally Co-ordinator, announced a tentative rally in early spring 2016 in the Lake Okeechobee area.  He also said there had been interest in a rolling rally and two were suggested: 


1)      George Sanders, who has led several informal caravans, described a 30 day western trip during June 2016 going to San Antonio, southern Colorado including the Durango and Silverton Railroad, Mesa Verde, and other locations, ending in Santa Fe, NM, around July George stated that driving would be limited to no more than 250 miles per day and no more than two nights on the road before stopping to explore an area. 

     2)       Buddy Bordes stated that he is putting together a trip to the Northeast, leaving New Orleans about August 26, and arriving at the CCI Nor’Easters rally in late September.  Interested members are invited to join these rolling rallies.

 Buddy Bordes announced a change of time to catch the bus to the river cruise tonight.  The new time is 5:15 leaving from the office.  Happy Hour will be at 4:00 p.m. at site #17 or the space beneath the restaurant if it is raining. 

All business being completed, George Sanders moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Gordon Venner.

Minutes submitted by

Irene Harper (substituting for Judy Winchell)

Summary Report
FMCA Board of Directors Meeting
August 2014
Albany, OR
Roy Stiglich, Alternate National Director

1     There was a proposal to eliminate the immediate past president from having a responsibility to attend the Executive Board meeting. It was defeated by a vote of 115 against, to 110 for.

Proposal 2031 was to increase the travel budget for the executive board members while traveling on official business in their motor home to 2 times the IRS rate. It was approved.  

Proposal 3011 changes the bylaws to allow voting to be one vote for each adult member. It passed.

Proposal is to have FMCA fund FMA assist insurance for all FMCA members. It passed. Effective October 1, 2014, FMCA will once again, through the Seven Corners Organization, provide 24 hour a day insurance coverage to every member. Member must be more than 100 miles from their home to qualify. Fulltimes do not have a 100 mile qualifier. You need not be in your motorhome to qualify. This insurance will be provided at no cost to the member. Note; good selling tool for signing up new members.   

Schedule for upcoming FMCA conventions;

2015 winter will be held in Pomona Ca, and summer Madison Wi.

2016 winter in Perry, Ga, and summer in Syracuse, NY

2017 winter in Pomona, Ca, was voted down, they’ll look for another location, summer, Indianapolis, In.

2018 winter in Perry, Ga, and summer in Gillette Wy.

All were approved except 2017 in Pomona, Ca.

Balanced budget submitted by FMCA for 2015 was approved as is.

Number of family coach’s attending the rally was 1634.

Rest of meeting just covered incidental word changes that didn’t change anything.

Southeast Country Coachers

Treasurers Report 2014

Operations   03/12/2014  to  9/7/2014



        Dues                                                                                        555.00

        Rally Fees

           Virginia Beach Rally                                                        10,851.00


TOTAL INCOME___________________________________11,406.00




     Rally Expense

         Virginia Beach                                                                      4,852.00


     SECC Expenses

          Name Badges                                                                         221.00

          Postage                                                                                     57.67

          Software Expense                                                                    37.50

          Website                                                                                     44.97


TOTAL EXPENSES___________________________________5,213.14


OVERALL total                                                                               6,192.86


Cash Position  9/7/2014


Bank Balance   03/11/2014                                                           8,731.18

     Plus Inflows                                                                           11,406.00


     Less Outflows                                                                           5,213.14

Bank Balance  09/7/2014                                                              14,924.04



SECC board meeting, September 14, 2014 Virginia Beach, VA

Attending were President Janet Sanders, VP Marta Loftfield, 2nd VP Buddy Bordes, Treasurer  Gordon Venner, FMCA National Director Mary Lou Cassingham.

Items discussed:

It was agreed to have a board meeting and a business meeting at each rally.

Rally hosts may limit the number of participants based on facilities and events in the area.

The rally coordinator may be reimbursed up to $200 for site exploration expense upon approval of the President and Treasurer.

For 2015 rally hosts may use up to  $1000 from club treasury for rally enhancements subject to Executive Board approval.

VP Buddy Bordes will research FMCA as to rally guests insurance policy coverage.

Submitted by Mary Lou Cassingham

Minutes Southeastern Country Coachers  September 12, 2014 (Unofficial)

Tammy Toalson substituting for Judy Winchell

Virginia Beach, VA

The meeting was called to order by president Janet Sanders.

Hank Giffin asked for a moment of silence for the lives affected on 9/11.

Marta Loftfield read the minutes from the previous meeting at Jacksonville, FL in March. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as written.

SECC secretary, Judy Winchell, was not able to attend so Tammy Toalson is taking minutes for this meeting.

Gordon Venner gave the Treasurers report. The balance in the account will be around $9000 after all expenses from the Virginia Beach rally are paid. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report. Motion was passed.

Marylou Cassingham gave the FMCA report. One important note is that FMCA Assist will again be included in your annual dues as of Oct 1st.

Commendations were given to George Harper for the excellent job he is doing with the new SECC website.  Www.southeastcountrycoachers.com

Everyone is encouraged to go to the website and "subscribe"  at the bottom of the page to get updates as new info is added to the website. There is also a mobile device version.

Buddy Bordes introduced the CCI board members present at this rally.   CCI president Lee Zaboroski spoke briefly about CCI and the relationship with SECC.  

Charles McGairty - rally coordinator introduced Buddy Bordes to talk about the coming rally in New Orleans, LA March 11-15, 2015 at Ponchartrain Landing RV park. Deadline for registration is January.  Charles then talked about upcoming rallies.

The Greenville rally didn't happen for this year but maybe later.

Tentative schedule:

May 2015 - Lake Toxaway, NC (close to Brevard, NC)

Sept 2015 - Lexington KY
March 2016 -  Lake Okeechobee, FL

We still need rally hosts!

The question was asked about cheaper rallies with options or more expensive and all inclusive. Give your input to Charles.

Hans Schouten spoke about ACC extended service company. The Attorney General in IN has filed suit against the company.

Gerry Conway motioned that the club contribute $100 per coach toward future SECC rallies. The motion was seconded by Jack Cassingham. There was so e discussion about the motion before Gerry withdrew the motion.

A motion was made by Marylou Cassingham to waive SECC membership dues for next year for all current members in good standing prior to Sept 1. This motion died for lack of a second.
A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.

 Respectfully submitted by

Tammy Toalson


Minutes Southeast Country Coachers March 12, 2014

Jacksonville, Florida

The meeting was called to order by President Roy Stiglich. Newest members, Mike and Mary Sage, were welcomed to the club.

A motion and second was made to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Motion passed. A copy of these minutes is on the website.

Treasurer Gerry Keen presented the year to date financial report. A motion and second to accept the report passed.

Rally Coordinator Charles McGairty discussed up-coming rallies. He is finalizing plans for a rally in Greenville, SC, for May 15th. Details to follow. Plans are firm for the Virginia Beach rally, Sept. 11-15, hosted by Hank and Stevie Giffin. Make your reservation early; Holiday Travel Park,campingvb.com800-548-0223, ask for June. There is a goal of 50 coaches and regional clubs will be invited.

National Director Mary Lou Cassingham reported FMCA summer rally will be in Redmond, OR. The Southeast Area Rally for February 2015 will be held in Sarasota, FL.

Standing rule 7C was clarified. If a SECC member owned a Country Coach and traded to another brand of coach, they can still be a full member of SECC holding office and voting.

Janet Sanders was thanked for creating and up-dating the member picture directory.

New Business.

Many thanks to our outgoing officers: Roy Motion by George Sanders, second by Bob Handren; Rally Coordinator is a committee position, not an executive board position. Motion passed.

Roy thanked the nominating committee, George Harper, Gerry Keen and Jack Cassingham. The results of the election are as follows:

President - Janet Sanders, First VP - Marta Loftfield, Second VP- Buddy Bordes, Treasurer - Gorden Venner, Secretary - Judy Winchell, National Director - Mary Lou Cassingham, Alternate National Director -Roy Stiglich.

Many thanks to our outgoing officers: Roy Stiglich, Charles Mcgairty and Gerry Keen.

Respectfully submitted, Mary Lou Cassingham (acting secretary)