Thursday, May 26, 2016

Galax Rally Video

Gerry and Bonnie did a marvelous job planning, organizing and executing the Galax Rally. The food was good and the caterer very pleasant, so I started the video with them. The day in Mt. Airy was interesting and fun as we recalled watching the Andy Griffith Show in the 60's and got a tour of the North Carolina Granite Corporation and Andy Griffith's boyhood home all in a Mayberry patrol car.

Irene and I are bluegrass fans and had visited the Rex Theater before, but the show there Friday Night was great, and I am so glad that I captured our most enthusiastic flat foot dancers on video: Bonnie, Mary Lou, and Lenny. Hard to tell which one was the instigator. I was not caught on video dancing, so I deny any such accusations, and my probity remains intact. My hat is off to Gerry for joining in on the dance floor.

Bonnie mentioned in the pre-rally interview how much she loved the people of the area. I can certainly see why after seeing how much they love their particular version of mountain music and dancing. The 88 year old lady you will see dancing in the video as well as the young boy are good examples of that zeal. The dancing lady is actually from Jacksonville, FL and has a house in Fries. She and her husband traveled in a 36 ft. diesel pusher for many years. The last 12 years he was blind and she did the driving.

If I have any fellow train fans out there who would like to join me in being sentimental about the demise of the Fries train that used to bring cotton to the now defunct Fries textile mill, here is a poem about the train that hangs in the Fries theater:

Hope you enjoy the video and the music. Be sure to play full screen:

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