Tuesday, September 7, 2021

 Eulogy for Jack Cassingham


George Harper

September 2, 2021

Jack was a warrior, but as good a friend as you could ever imagine. He was a keen competitor, but would lend you a hand when he saw you needed it. He was in a hurry, but hospitable and kind.


We visited the Cassinghams once at their Sherrill’s Ford lake home. When we arrived, many people were already there, but Jack was watching for any new arrivals. He came out to our coach and gave us such a warm greeting. He was hospitable and a good host.


He must have been a keen competitor in the sky in his Marine fighter jet because he certainly was in his MG Midget on the race track. On one of our RV trips together we drove into town together for something…Irene and I in our two seat Ford pickup in the lead, and Jack and Mary Lou in their tiny Smart Car that they towed behind their Country Coach. As a pilot, Jack was always aware of weight, so I knew that was why he bought the smallest thing he could find to tow. On our trip into town, I glanced in the mirror as I turned out of the campground and saw Jack right on my bumper as if he were trying to catch a draft. I felt like I had a little hornet on my tail…Jack was a competitor.


I also noticed that Jack was pretty obsessive with any data anomaly coming out of the data center in his coach. He wanted it explained and the cause remedied. I could see the pilot in him wanting his craft to be in safe working order.


The Harpers and Cassinghams shared a love of bicycling and we always biked as we traveled around the country. Jack knew I had back problems, and when I would go to load my bike on the rack, Jack was always aware and would insist that he do it. He worked out regularly and was strong. You couldn’t have a better friend than Jack Cassingham.


Many times on our bike and other outings with the Cassinghams, I saw Jack and Mary Lou teasing and playing with each other like teenagers. That told the story of their strong and enduring love for each other. Jacks’s life was full. He was a good captain to his many air passengers, a good husband, a good father, and a good friend.


Goodby, Jack, my friend. Fair skies and tailwinds always.