Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Message from the President

Not all rallies need to be big affairs and this small rally was just right for getting to know one another better. And for relaxing. Although none of us stay put for long. You missed a good one!

The Pine Mountain RV Resort was a pleasant surprise for us. All the  buildings were in sophisticated  modern glass and metal architectural style.

The lots were large with plenty of room for us to party. Another very large Diesel RV rally enjoyed the use of a large rally building with a bucolic view of nearby meadows. That  building, again in modern style,  had a wall of large glass windowed garage doors that they opened to let in the pleasant spring weather. Our smaller rally had an efficient older building, with full kitchen, behind their modern offices.
Most of us arrived early, as usual. We were all relaxing under McGairty's Auburn football tent when the men suddenly left. Does this sight look familiar?

The tiny town of Pine Mountain was walking distance to the campground. We found a wonderful café, Rose Cottage Café & Bakery,  where we all enjoyed eating twice during the week. At the end of the rally we also did our usual fine dining experience at Carriage and Horses Restaurant. The town seems like it is in the middle of nowhere, but we found plenty of great choices. We never did find time to eat within Callaway Gardens at their five-star  restaurant. Maybe next time...

Rose Cottage Cafe and Bakery

Callaway Gardens has miles of trails for hiking and biking as the Cassinghams and Harpers now know too well as they got lost and biked way more miles than they expected. Don't laugh! The park is amazingly easy place to get lost by bike OR car!

One of their stops was at the Butterfly House
Buddy & Ann Bordes with Marta and Scott Loftfield had a fun time at the Wild Animal Safari

Scott and Marta
Both couples highly recommend renting the vans provided since the animals get VERY friendly and demanding.

They also get very slobbery. Marta suggests bringing lots of paper towels, maybe wear a raincoat!
We have such dedicated members. McGairtys left the rally for overnight as they traveled back to Birmingham to see a granddaughter's recital. McCoins left for a full day to travel over and up to Charleston for an important eye doctor appointment for Dale. They left after breakfast and returned after midnight. Whew.
Our plans for our next rally in the fall fell through and we have been working on another location. Please review  our minutes from the last rally for information on CCI's late-September rally in upper New York state. It should be a wonderful rally and  many of us plan to attend. We have been trying to work in a SECC rally in as we drive back southward. Maybe that is too industrious a plan as we all will be worn out by then? Maybe later in October would work better. Does anyone want to step forward and host one near you? This rally reinforces that we don't have to have all our rallies a big affair. A park to accommodate big rigs,  a few things to do and time to visit each other is all we need. Please consider it, wont you?

Janet Sanders
President, Southeast Country Coachers