Wednesday, February 20, 2019

SECC Nashville, TN Rally
April 25-29th, 2019
Safe Harbor RV Resort
3343 Bell Road
Nashville, TN 37214

Nashville is a city full of music and history with something for everyone! Beautiful Plantations and Mansions, view up and coming country starts, enjoy the beautiful Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Art Museum learn about the Civil War at Travelers Rest Plantation.
SECC Rally in Exciting Historic Nashville, TN
Arrive: April 25, 2019 Depart: April 29, 2019
Cost for this rally is $90.00 per person . For Non-SECC attendees please add $35.00 per coach.

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Rally Registration


Make your rally fee check payable to Southeast Country Coachers and mail this form and your check to our Treasurer:
Kent McCoin
1340 Peninsula Drive
Prosperity, SC 29127

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Non-SECC Attendees Add $35.00 per coach = $__________
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Thursday, February 8, 2018


MAY 16 - 20

Huntsville lies along the Tennessee River in north Alabama, the river that once transported cotton and made the city prosperous. It has one of the largest collections of Antebellum homes in the country and still has a quaint town square that boasts a frozen-in-time hardware store. In the 20th century rockets were transported on the river for the space shuttle and the entire NASA space program. Huntsville is known nationwide for its space and rocket technology at the Marshal Space Flight Center. Now visitors from around the country flock to the huge U.S. Space & Rocket Center, an interactive museum with fun activities for all ages.

SECC Huntsville, AL Rally 

May 16-20th, 2018
Parnell Creek RV Park
115 Parnell Circle
Woodville, AL 35776

We have a rally rate of $25.50 for 50 AMP Full Hookups and $23.80 for 30 AMP Full Hookups, these rates are extended before and after the rally dates. There are 14 - 50 AMP and 10 - 30 AMP Full Hookup Sites.

****If your coach manages well on 30 AMP service please request a 30 AMP site! ****

Huntsville is a city full of beauty and history with something for everyone!

Stroll the historic district streets, view historic antebellum homes, meander through art shops and art museums or enjoy the beautiful Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Military history comes alive at the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum, and for you Foodies treat yourself to exquisite Southern Cuisine.

Arrive: May 16, 2018 Depart: May 20, 2018 

Cost for this rally is 90.00 per person . For Non-SECC attendees please add $35.00 per coach.


Register with PayPal below:


Make your rally fee check payable to Southeast Country Coachers and mail this form and your check to our Treasurer:
Kent McCoin 
1340 Peninsula Drive
Prosperity, SC 29127 


Name of Attendee/s___________________________________

Non-SECC Attendee Address:____________________________

City:______________________ State:_______ Zip:__________

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Number Attending_____ X $90.00 per person = $__________
Non-SECC Attendees Add $35.00 per coach =   $__________
Total Amount Included =                                     $__________

*You must be a U.S.A. citizen to do the bus tour. The Redstone Arsenal takes you back to WWII in the exciting field of Nuclear Weaponry and Rockets!

Rally Registration

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Where are y'all? Send us your photos and news to share.

We know many of you are down in Florida. Here is a shot of the Sanders and Conways having lunch with the Harpers and Cassinghams at Guanabanas in Jupiter.The Harpers have sold their coach and are now living full-time in St Andrews in Boca Raton. Mary Lou and Jack Cassingham flew down for a couple days to visit us all. 

While staying at Palm Beach Motorcoach Resort (formerly Jupiter-Palm Beach) the Conways and Sanders were joined by Stevie and Hank Giffin who are on their way to their annual Navy reunion in Key West. Shown below are the couples at the resort poolside party. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SECC "Wings and Wheels" Rally, Virginia Beach and "Virginia's Historic Triangle" Rally, Williamsburg

Virginia 2017 Rallies by Hank and Stevie Giffin

SECC Wings and Wheels

35 Coaches gathered in Virginia Beach, despite hurricane Maria threatening to put a damper on the week. She remained off shore and we had a week of warm and beautiful sunshine!

The group was treated to breakfast each morning before heading out on tours. The first day we were treated to lunch at the Dam Neck Naval Base Club which sits behind a dune overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. From there we were welcomed to an impressive tour of two commands at Oceana Naval Air Station. The group was first greeted by the Commanding Officer of the Master Jet Base, prior to ‘reporting in’ to the various tours. These tours left a lump in your throat and warmth in your heart, just listening to the young sailors and officers tell us what they do and love about serving in the US Navy. They were so proud of their responsibilities and the privileges they have serving their country. We ended that day at the Oceana Officer’s Club for happy hour. What a day of experiences to take pride in our nation. Word of the day was IMPRESSIVE in cluding some tears of pride and appreciation for their service from our members.

The following day we drove to the Virginia Beach Military Air Museum where we had guided tours of the 2 main hangers housing American WWI, WWII, & Korean Conflict aircraft. We got up close and personal with a dozen or more vintage WWII airplanes prior to lunch. After lunch many of the group continued to the hangers holding WWII German military aircraft or they toured the antique car show also held on the grounds of the Museum or both! On Sunday we drove through beautiful back roads of the Tidewater region to Hank & Stevie’s daughter & son in-law’s Brewery, The Big Ugly, where we partied, drank beer & ate Brats! The Cheddar and Caramel popcorn was a big hit as well. Great beer and lots of fun!

Virginia’s Historic Triangle Joint Rally SECC/CCI/NOR’EASTERS

We wished some of our numbers safe travels home and met up with other members in Williamsburg for the follow-on week in Virginia’s Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown, & Yorktown for another beautiful week of sunshine and warm weather.

Each of the 33 coaches signed up for tour groups Red, White, or Blue. The tour groups had designated historic sites to visit every other day. We had Happy Hours each day and the groups outdid themselves with appetizers or desserts as we gathered in a nice large tent with ac and a sound system. There were three days of guided tours in each of the historic sites and a day off in between. Many of the group members touring a site went back on their ‘day off’ and revisited other points of interest at the same site as their group tickets gave everyone free access to the sites for the week. Some went off on their own to visit some of the other historic interests in the area, shopped at the Outlet Mall, or rested around the campsite enjoying visiting with friends! There were catered dinners of Bar-B-Q, Greek, Italian, a cook out hosted by Nor’Easters, and a seafood buffet the last evening! We did not go hungry!

Saturday was a day set aside for club meetings, the Nor’Easters’ cook out, the puzzle contest, and the silent and live auctions. Bill Brock, as auctioneer, did a marvelous job of encouraging everyone to bid and re-bid to support our charity, the USO of Hampton Roads & Central Virginia. We raised $3,500+ and Hank Giffin presented the checks to the local representative when he got home. They were SO grateful, saying that the money would do so much good for the local military. The morning after our farewell dinner at George’s Seafood Buffet, we gathered at the Giffin’s coach for a quick breakfast and good-byes, until we meet again! 

Thank you Stevie for two incredible rallies

Monday, March 20, 2017

Way Down South

Here is a picture of Skip and Marilyn Saunders visiting their 7th continent: Antartica - forwarded to us by Gerry Conway:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rally Report - Anchor Down RV Resort and Kentucky Horse Park

We all had a great time at our rally last week. It all started off with a pre-rally at the new Anchor Down RV Resort in Dandridge TN. It's  just west of  Sevierville TN but quiet and so beautiful there. Our Rally Coordinator Charles McGairty had recommended this new place and we all had a wonderful stay. Most of us were in the upper section with the best views.  These stone fireplaces were at each spot.

 On the pre-rally were Sanders, Bordes, Cassingham, Conway, and Loftfields.

​The five of we SECCers were joined by 18 Nor'Easters who had caravanned down to join us before heading up to Lexington. It was hard to leave such a peaceful place. 

The Kentucky Horse Park Rally was a joint SECC rally with CCI. Our own Velma & Hollis Williams' permanent home is in Lexington and Velma headed up the organizing of this amazing rally. Velma was really enjoying herself. She retired this year.. once again...and says some of these places she had never visited even though she grew up in Lexington. 

​We were able to fit in a social hour for SECC. We had 18 coaches at the rally and  two who could not make it. ​Buddy and Ann Bordes have an outdoor TV so it was a great place to get together and still allow the football fans to follow their game. By the way, that lady sitting on the left with the curly blond hair is Marta. Her hair has grown back in curly!

We were kept busy with great tours: a local winery with lunch & entertainment, Keeneland Race track, Shaker Village, a stud farm, 
​downtown Lexington, a drive along country roads with the iconic stone fences, and ​Buffalo Trace bourbon brewery, the oldest one in the country started back in the 1700s.

One of the best tours was the Toyota manufacturing plant, their largest at over 1300 acres, the size of 156 football fields. We were glad we were driven around in a tram. It produces 2,000 cars a day. We were not allowed to take any photos. Could not even take a cell phone into the plant. It was incredibly enormous and busy all around and overhead. ​They aren't just an assembly plant like most car plants are now. They even do ​their own ​stamping. 

The stud farm visit was fascinating. It is a serious business. This stallion, Shackelford, ​was brought out for us to see fairly close. Stallions are very hard to handle and he was constantly trying to bite his handler. Shackelford commands a $20,000 stud fee and he must perform 3-5 times a day,​ almost every day of the year. However, they are only paid once each foal is born strong and healthy. That is only around 60% of the births.

​We lunched at Buffalo Trace Brewery & the toured the buildings. ​It was a good thing we came in 3 buses as there were whole cases of bourbon and their new Bourbon cream that came home with the members. 

​An SECC rally would not be complete without dancing with Chris. The last evening we had some light bluegrass ​entertainment and Chris could not help himself. He was right up on the dance floor motioning members to join 
him. Last time we saw Chris his legs were giving him a bad time, but his new braces are making a big difference. It was such a nice end to our rally.

Click for pics from the rallys:


And thank you as well to CCI Rally Coordinator & SECC member Tammy Toalson.​

Janet Sanders, President
Southeast Country Coachers

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pre-Rally Announcement

CCI Lexington Kentucky Horse Park PreRally
October 2, 2016-October 5, 2016
Anchor Down RV Resort
Dandridge, TN
The CC Nor’Easters and the SECC Clubs welcome you to a great time at a great location. The
Anchor Down RV Resort is an exceptional facility set near the beautiful Smoky Mountains on
the shores of sparkling Douglas Lake. The resort is near the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area as
well as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are plenty of attractions to keep you
and your friends busy and entertained.
Arrival is October 2 and departure on October 5. The drive to the Kentucky Horse Park for the
CCI Rally is a short 200 miles. The CCI Kentucky Horse Park Rally starts on October 6th so we
will be one day early.
Call Anchor down to make your reservations today.

We look forward to seeing you.