Saturday, March 15, 2014

News from Jacksonville Rally

Hello everyone,
Your outgoing president Roy Stiglich is stuck at the FMCA rally in Perry, Ga with a computer that receives email. He just can't send any! He has asked me to announce your newly elected board and to thank the past members.
Our thanks go to :
Gerry Keen who leaves as treasurer for 3 years.  Charles Piercy who has served as FMCA Alternate Director. Charles McGairty who leaves his position as VP.  We are all very pleased that Charles will continue as Rally Coordinator. He has done a superb job and there are great rallies coming.
Your new board:
President Janet Sanders
1st Vice-President Marta Loftfield
2nd Vice-President Buddy Bordes
Secretary Judy Winchell
Treasurer Gordon Venner
National Director Mary Lou Cassingham
Alternate National Director Roy Stiglich

      Southeast Country Coachers March 12, 2014
Jacksonville, Florida
The meeting was called to order by President Roy Stiglich. Newest members, Mike and Mary Sage, were welcomed to the club.
A motion and second was made to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Motion passed. A copy of these minutes is on the website.
Treasurer Gerry Keen presented the year to date financial report. A motion and second to accept the report passed.
Rally Coordinator Charles McGairty discussed up-coming rallies. He is finalizing plans for a rally in Greenville, SC, for May 15th. Details to follow.
Plans are firm for the Virginia Beach rally, Sept. 11-15, hosted by Hank and Stevie Giffin. Make your reservation early; Holiday Travel Park,, 800-548-0223, ask for June. There is a goal of 50 coaches and regional clubs will be invited.
National Director Mary Lou Cassingham reported FMCA summer rally will be in Redmond, OR. The Southeast Area Rally for February 2015 will be held in Sarasota, FL.
Standing rule 7C was clarified. If a SECC member owned a Country Coach and traded to another brand of coach, they can still be a full member of SECC holding office and voting.
Janet Sanders was thanked for creating and up-dating the member picture directory.
New Business.
Motion by George Sanders, second by Bob Handren; Rally Coordinator is a committee position, not an executive board position. Motion passed.
Roy thanked the nominating committee, George Harper, Gerry Keen and Jack Cassingham. The results of the election are as follows:
President - Janet Sanders, First VP - Marta Loftfield, Second VP- Buddy Bordes, Treasurer - Gorden Venner, Secretary - Judy Winchell, National Director - Mary Lou Cassingham, Alternate National Director -Roy Stiglich.
Many thanks to our outgoing officers: Roy Stiglich, Charles Mcgairty and Gerry Keen.
Respectfully submitted, Mary Lou Cassingham (acting secretary)